Orangetheory Members Get More Life


Working out at Orangetheory Fitness does more than help members reach goals in weight loss, endurance, strength, and power. Opening soon in Midtown Phoenix, AZ, our one-of-a-kind workout will also empower our members to live fuller lives.


Orangetheory is more than a workout. As we get ready to open in Midtown Phoenix, AZ, we’re about to embark on a fitness journey that extends far beyond the walls of our studio.


Orangetheory Fitness is a lifestyle, and it helps us live healthier, happier, fuller, better lives. The more time we spend in here, the more we’re able to enjoy life out there.


How will Orangetheory help you get more out of life? Here are some of the things members across the nation are enjoying more of thanks to the energy of our 60-minute group workouts and the personal attention from our expert coaches.


More time with loved ones


Go ahead and spend a day at the park with family, kicking a ball with the kids and maybe even starting a game of tag. Take your fur baby on more walks—or even jogs.


We love the way Orangetheory lets us connect and get quality time with the people (and animals!) who matter the most in our lives.


Orangetheory Fitness Family_distanceunlimited



More smiling down the aisle


There’s nothing like feeling confident and beautiful on your wedding day. We’re proud to be part of the big day for so many brides, grooms, and bridal parties around the world.


We’re getting ready to go All Out for I Do! During this annual contest, brides and grooms have the chance to win $5,000 by entering at and completing at least 10 Orangetheory workouts between May 1 and June 30.


Orangetheory Fitness Wedding All Out for I Do_otffarragut


More adventures


Who’s up for a hike? The view from the top is great!


Orangetheory pushes us to gain endurance, strength, and power—opening up a new level of freedom in our travels and journeys.


Orangetheory Fitness Trek_Farmington Hills


More new places


You deserve to live your life to the fullest and experience everything the world has to offer. For some of us this means traveling. These experiences can also include going back to school, changing careers, or taking on a new hobby.


Orangetheory gives us the energy and the drive to make choices and see them through. We have the power to make our wildest dreams come true.


Orangetheory Fitness Hike_Famington Hills 1


More active


Before Orangetheory, many members never thought they’d be one of those people signing up for a 5K or 10K. For those who were already active in events like these, they’ve seen their race time drop after training with us.


Our daily workouts, along with fitness challenges like the OTF Marathon, help us get in the game and make our way to the top.


Orangetheory Fitness Running Event_lilredrunner


More teamwork


Orangetheory is for everyone—all ages, fitness levels, and walks of life. And it brings us all together for fun partner and team workouts as well as community events we participate in as a group.


We’re excited to build an amazing Fit Fam here at Orangetheory Fitness Midtown Phoenix!

Orangetheory Fitness Community Teamwork_gabrielle_marie-b


More winning


Forget the sidelines. Soon you’ll be in the middle of the action, competing—and you’ll be a worthy competitor.


We love the taste of victory as Orangetheory enables new levels of success not only in races and in sports but in every aspect of our lives.


Orangetheory Fitness Hiking_otfmissionbay


And did we mention more FUN?


We’re ramping up for a one-of-a-kind experience at Orangetheory Fitness when we open in Midtown Phoenix, AZ. Time spent with our members, coaches, and staff won’t just keep us burning; it’ll keep us smiling.


And a little humblebragging doesn’t hurt. We’re excited to join the Orange Nation—and you should be, too!


Orangetheory Fitness Active Mobility_orangetheoryemeryville


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